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Nevitta is a wealth of information! She is approachable for parents and her variable session settings (walk n talk; shooting baskets, in office and playing games) really enhanced my child’s ability to connect with her and aided in opening them up to talk and process what they need to process. Thank you

So well rounded and such a positive influence. So delighted to have found Nevitta.

Abigail was lovely to work with.

Nevitta and her team were wonderful to work with throughout my children's treatment. Expertise, personalized support, and thorough help with school and community resources characterized our experience from start to finish. We were delighted with and blessed by the amazing care we received from Nevitta and the team.

Nevitta was very supportive and helped nurture confidence in my daughter. I appreciated her willingness to meet in person and engage my daughter in outdoor activities to facilitate rapport building and ease conversation. My daughter greatly benefited from her time with Nevitta.

Nevitta! You have been such a great help to my children!!! Thanks so much!!

Entering Christian therapy was the greatest gift I have ever given myself.



My child keeps asking to see Nevitta again as they feel her sessions were helpful. They had an easy time trusting Nevitta.

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